Does it sound wrong for NetDragon to be developing something for Disney?

Disney Fantasy Online, is yet another game that will be played...wait for it, online. At least they didnt' name it DisneyFantasy (for some reason, most new companies have lost their space bars). Don't get all excited if you live in North America, DFO is launching in China, however it is launching in the Spring of 2009 so at least there isn't the typical three year waiting period. As part of DFO, you get stand in virtual lines while over-paying for soft drinks. Hold up, that was my first thought, luckily Kotaku has posted the facts:

"Gamers of "Disney Fantasy Online" are immersed in a uniquely Disney-themed central world, created based on themes of magic, adventure and romance with non-playing Disney character hosts such as Mickey and Friends, preparing and training the gamers for the vast adventures that lie ahead. As gamers explore, complete quests, and level-up, they have the opportunity to acquire virtual items to personalize the gaming experience and enable them to explore additional worlds more extensively. Expansion packs with new adventures and maps will be constantly added to the game, providing endless opportunities for gamers to uncover new content and secrets."

Hopefully Disney can make the jump over the big body of water and make it to North America so we can venture into DFO, but I can only imagine this being some kind of covert way to infiltrate the Chinese culture with more Disney. Everyone needs more Disney I'm certain of it.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016