From Dream to Reality: A Dreamlords Interview with Jon Selin

Designer Jon Selin relates the story of how a group of Swedish college students set out to create the world's first true graphical MMORTS (and possibly the most ambitious 200 launch title we've seen to date): Dreamlords. The challenges of the format, as well as the novel solutions Lockpick Entertainment continues to bring to fruition in Dreamlords, make up the crux of this live-from-GDC 2007 interview.

"An underdeveloped subgenre seemed to provide the most opportunity and the least market risk to a fledgling design house. The result of Lockpick Entertainment's market research? An MMORTS, a type of game appealing to a gamer who likes playing Civilization, Warcraft 3, or Dawn of War-style games, but has a online itch that multiplayer mode simply can't scratch."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016