A New and Improved
Dreamlords is in the Making

Lockpick Studios has been hard at work on the fantasy MMORTS Dreamlords:
The Reawakening
since taking the game back to the drawing
board last year. Founder and CEO David Rosén shows Ten Ton Hammer's
Cody Bye some of the many improvements going into this next round of
development, including the presence of your customizable dreamlord
avatar in every battle and an integrated client with a 3D map (which
will replace the web-browser based map - coupled with the 3D game
client for RTS-style battles - used for all your broad-based strategery
in the original version). You'll see some exclusive images of the 3D
map in its early incarnation and some screenshots garnered from RTS
combat, plus images of what your dreamlord may look like when Dreamlords:
The Reawakening
again goes live at an as-of-yet undetermined

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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