Bring the whole crew including all your Gnomies.

Dungeon Runners is having an ingame event to show off the bling gnomes. What, you don't have a bling gnome? Well, then march over and get one if you so fancy a wee little man with a good look to handle all of your loot. Regardless of having a bling gnome, you are invited to a parade chock full of them. For more particulars:

Date: Friday July 18th, 2008
Time: 7:30 PM CST, 8:30 EST (That's 00:30 GMT time. And for you guys that's technically the early morning of July 19th)
Location: Townston. Multiple instances, multiple worlds. As instances grow we'll pass on updates via the global channel.

What would happen with so many bling gnomes on the loose? No one knows! This is bling gnome infestation is the first of its kind.

Read more about the bling gnome parade, and how one can help you with your phat lewt during the parade and after!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016