Better Run Through the

Few games have as much spunk and personality as NCsoft's free-to-play,
casual-friendly MMOG, Dungeon Runners. So when Ten Ton Hammer's
managing editor, Cody "Micajah" Bye, had the opportunity to stop in and
see a preview for the next content update in the game, he didn't pass
it up. Big changes are coming down the pipe for Dungeon Runners, and
Cody believes that most of them are going to increase the experience
many players have with that free world.

With that, Mark went over a number of the features
that are going to be
included in Chunk #2. Probably the biggest change to Dungeon Runners
that is going into Chunk #2 will be the "Around-the-Game Ads" that are
being introduced. Rather than simply have ads on the load screens
(which they will also have) Dungeon Runners is going to have
around-the-game ads, meaning that an ad will be permanently present at
the top of your gaming screen. Very similar to the banner ad you find
at the top of most web pages, the around-the-game ad will open a
browser window underneath your game, so you won't be forced out of the
game if you accidentally click the banner ad.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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