What the Devil is Goin'
On Here?

Over the past week, the developers of Dungeons and Dragons Online:
Stormreach have been hosting a tremendously popular live event
featuring an invasion of the major city in the game by a horde of
in-game devils. Aside from this world changing event, the developers
have been hard at work creating the highly anticipated Module 7, which
will finally introduce the Monk class into the game. The Ten Ton Hammer
staff caught up with DDO's producer, Kate Paiz, to see what's all in
store for player in Module 7 and even churned up some hints on Module 8
and changes caused by the release of D&D 4th Edition. Enjoy!

Kate: Let me clear this up. The 4th Edition rule set
over at Wizards of
the Coast is still in beta, and they have yet to lock-down their own
feature set. Nothing is totally finalized as of yet. When we get the
final set of features that are going to be in 4th Edition, we're
definitely going to evaluate them and see how they work with DDO.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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