If dice roll in an empty basement, do they make any sound?.

Dana Massey of MMORPG.com has posted some impressions of Turbine Entertainment's, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. Here is brief snippet from the article:

"D&D Online has chosen to go for a small, community-focused approach to game design. Their servers will support only up to one-thousand players concurrently. This decision is not a technical constraint, but rather a game design choice that they hope fosters an increased sense of community and belonging, especially for those players who are new to the game. To facilitate this emphasis on community, Turbine has chosen to have the city of Stormreach be the central hub not just for new players, but all players. In most games, a player starts in a newbie town surrounded by newbies. This can be daunting. A few weeks after launch, this becomes a problem as new players must wade through and find their own place in a community that may not be easy to find. They want to give new players something to aspire to and a community to welcome them."

The one page long article can be read here.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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