alt="In ST:IS you will play a young Starfleet Captain"

If you're a fan of the Star Trek Universe, Gameforge may have something
that will interest you. The upcoming browser-based style="font-style: italic;">Star Trek: Infinite Space
is best defined as a tactical space combat game with MMOG elements.
Built in the Unity engine, ST:IS starts you out as a Starfleet Captain
straight out of the Academy. The era is around the third season
timeline of Deep Space 9.

The game is very mission and story based. So even though you'll get a
chance to visit some social hubs in the form of space stations and
ships, most of your in game time will be spent on the battlefield. The
story is finite culminating in a climactic ending in the form of a
minion war. For those with PvP in mind, there are missions on the
holodeck which will pit you against other Federation players in quick

Gameforge has even gone to the lengths of bringing on some consultants
to assist with the game.  Mike and Denise Okuda started their
involvement with the Star Trek Universe as far back as 1987 where they
were responsible for set and theme design. Their experience certainly
translates well to the game as the UI is very recognizable as the
branded design the Okudas used for the Star Trek television series. The
consultants were brought on board to ensure the game stays true to the
Star Trek universe.

On the battlefield players will have familiar roles, either dealing
direct damage, tanking or 'healing' other ships. Players can then play
through the mission arc either solo or co-op with a group of up to five

Star Trek: Infinite Space
will be playable through a browser on both Mac and PC come fall, 2011.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016