Which Comes First, the
Chicken or the Game?

Ever think, "Man, my MMO gaming experience would be complete if only I
could just play a chicken!"? Yeah, me either. But who can withstand the
coolness of an attack named Threatening Cluck? Chicken play is among
the many new features coming in the next free update of Lord of the
Rings Online. Shayalyn serves up this preview direct from E3:

We asked if chicken play was instanced, and Maki told
us that it was
not. In fact, chickens run in the world at large. "You're a free range
chicken!" Maki joked. "And one of the benefits of being a chicken is
you run faster. Just imagine a couple groups of players all turning
chicken. You'd have a herd of speedy chickens coming at you over the

where that came from!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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