Post-apocalyptic settings are all the rage these days, and our large
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Members have fallen prey to the dystopian fever as well. For
their href=""
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decided to send their excellent questions to the href=""
With their usual flair, the Earthrise team answered
a large chunk of the inquiries, including questions on the differences
between Earthrise and other post-apocalyptic games,
the skill system and its “caps,” the usage of
vehicles, and more!

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Ten Ton Hammer: Will there be mounts/vehicles in the
game, how will they be used? (Clinique2)

AA: There will be vehicles in Earthrise that
players to transport at high speed between locations, and also avoid
risks such as wading your way through mutant infested locations or
being ambushed by other players. While vehicles will not have any
combat abilities, they also will have no cost associated with

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016