Did you get all your epics on welfare?

In the Beginning... Blizzard created Epic items, and life was good. Well, for raiders anyway. You see, in the beginning of the World of Warcraft, there were very few epic items outside of raids. Sure, they existed, but if you wanted epics, you needed to raid. Not the nambie pambie 10 man, or even 25 man raids of today, we are talking about epic 40 man raids. Raids that required huge amounts of coordination, teamwork and skill. The raids of today, especially the 10 mans, do not require the same level of coordination as the old 40 man raids, they still require player skill though.

Time went by though, more an more players got into epic gear, but even more were locked out of epics due to many reasons. Blizzard did several things to address this, they added 20 man raids, epic reputation and turn in rewards, and PvP epic items.

This brings me to the topic of today's editorial. From the time they were introduced, PvP epics inherited the term "Welfare Epics". At the time, they were called this for several reasons, but is the term still valid today?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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