Should there be attunements

In the World of Warcraft there are, or at least were, several check points to reach before you advance further. Those points are fairly well known, and are there for a reason. However as time goes by, they seem to be disappearing. The checkpoint system is seen in many aspects of the game, limiting access by level, flying mount access, reputation, and by quest attunement.

Patch 2.4 removed several of these checkpoints and has in many ways thrown the gates wide open. I for one am very concerned over this, as it seems to be watering down the achievement needed and creating issues for other players as well.

The first, and probably biggest, reason to gate (or checkpoint) content in a game is to prevent frustration. If a player gets frustrated they eventually give up and stop playing. By putting in checkpoints they need to reach before moving on, the game developer prevents players from moving to fast for their own good.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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