So, why does a Wereorc turn into a wolf? Shouldn't he turn into an orc?

Curious what kind of new beasts and baddies you'll be fighting when EverQuest's next expansion, "Secrets of Faydwer," comes out? The EQVault at anticipated that, and provided this thoughtful article for your perusal. In addition to getting a sneak preview of the monsters, you also get to read about the design process!

EQV: Can you describe the design process for moving these creatures from someone's imagination into the live game?

RB: When a new NPC is created, it starts as a set of descriptions written by the design team and then handed off to a concept artist who will draw a sketch of what the character might look like. Design will then give feedback based on the concept art and changes are often made. After adjustments, the concept is approved and the model creation begins. Once the model is built and textured, it’s handed off to an animator who will create the various movement, attack and emote animations. Once the animations are done, designers can begin using the model to populate zones and give them special abilities and attributes, which is what you eventually see in game.

See the art and read the feature at the EQVault.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016