Every time a bell rings, a Fae gets their wings!

Frostfell is making it's way to Norrath and will be here before you know it. RadarX heads over to the Test server and gets a look at the events SOE has in store. Read on as he talks about quests, trees, and why he screams "MINE!" if you look at presents near him. This is content you don't want to miss!

It's that time of year again in Norrath, Frostfell! This most joyous holiday is in it's second year across the land. I took a little time to hop over on the Test server and see what is being worked on. I have to admit, after the Halloween events, my expectations weren't really high. I know they were busy in the expansion, and didn't have a lot of people to spare on pumpkins and scarecrows. This is written from a Qeynos perspective, because thats just where my character is (relax the other cities have it too). I made my way across Qeynos Harbor to where I found last years Frostfell elves who were handing out gifts and a quest expecting the same. I found the elves (who consequently have what appears to be peppermint gas coming off of them) under the massive Frostfell tree but oddly enough no quest? I circled around the tree in desperation until I came to something out of a place,. a magical closet. Knowing this is what got Lucy into trouble, I selected it and awaited my fate.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016