Dancing Teenage Zombie a Go-Go

LU 34 is here forcing Coyote and RadarX sit down and look through the Test Notes in classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 fashion. Not only did they find some unsual changes, but Coyote admitted his Fae fetish.

- Fixed an issue that was causing diety avatars to spawn less frequently than intended.
Coyote: And by "less frequently" we mean "Never".

RadarX: Boy between this and the loot changes the raiders are going to have to start looking harder to find something to complain about.

Coyote: What's that? You fixed EVERYTHING in the game that I hated? Um..that's great and all, but I switched to World of Warcraft about a month back..so..um...yeah.

RadarX: It's all part of a carefully crafted plot to lure them back. Hey you resubscribed, BAM all raid content is now groupable.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016