Guide to Freeport Armor Quests Level 1 - 19

Just starting out in that unforgiving city of Freeport? You don't have a coin to your name and you're wandering around trying to kill Orcs practically naked? Never fear you penniless souls! Savanja has come to the rescue with a lowbie armor quest guide that will get you geared in decent armor for the cost of nothing!

Starting out in Freeport, with not a gold to your name can be tough. So many places to see, so many mobs to kill, but you're still equipped in that very noobish armor that you picked up from the isle! Save your coin my friends, and enjoy the wonders of questing for armor! Along with getting to know the areas that you will be sent to, making very nice experience, you can get some pretty good gear that will last you until you actually have coin to spend (or until you can get going on the level 20+ armor quests).

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016