Lavastorm is for many EverQuest II veterans a place of traumatizing memories and bitter frustration. SOE's next game update plans to change all that by revamping the entire zone making it more friendly to soloers and even adding some high end content. Ten Ton Hammer got a preview of what we can expect with this update and where you can meet Najena herself.

EverQuest II is approaching its five year anniversary this November and having produced a mind boggling fifty(!) game updates, it’s amazing to see so much effort still being exerted by the development team. Recently we got to see a preview of Game Update #51, which featured the revamp of an old world zone called Lavastorm. Originally one of the two end game zones at launch, it was an unforgiving, volcanic death-trap filled with goblins, fire lizards, and giant globs of lava. Like a theater screening of a romantic drama, the docks near the entrance were filled with masses of sobbing men who were desperately looking for a way out. Trails of burned limbs lead adventurers into the mountain where many never returned (until they wanted their corpses) and many veteran players still harbor some bitter memories to this day.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016