Sarnaks FTW! (Unless
Coyote gets ahold of them...)

Are you a teeny bit jealous of the newbies running around in Timorous
Deep at level 16 with better gear than you have at level
38? Yeah, us too. So lets all make fun of
them! Coyote does what he does best in his latest humor piece;
makes us laugh at ourselves (or better yet, at our
friends). Find which of these 25 signs apply to you and your
own friends and giggle right along with us.

* He calls anyone under 80 a "frickin' n00b" and
refuses to group with

* Whenever he opens his quest journal the server crashes.

* He's got so much extra plat to spend that his mount is equipped with
"spinners" and a full set of "Grillz".

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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