He can't have just one superpower.

Meet Noel Walling, also known as Ilucide, one of the developers for Everquest 2. While Noel has done just about everything with this game, he's currently working with group instances for the next expansion.

* Can you share a bit about your gaming background and how did you start in the gaming industry?

The first time I thought about being in "the industry" was at eleven or twelve when I found out that people got paid to "play" games – I mean, that's what those guys at Nintendo Power did, right? Play games all day, then charge kids three bucks a minute for help when they couldn't finish a level? Then there was a nice long stretch where I didn't think much about it at all – right up until shortly after EQ shipped. EQ really bordered on an obsession to me, so I realized I'd better do something productive with my gaming habit. So I hopped on a train and came down to interview with Brenlo for a GM position on EQ. He didn't hire me. In fact, it took another year before I was hired. I only stayed on as a GM in customer service for a little under a year before I was pulled over to help out on EQII.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016