Tier 2 Leveling Guide

To further our series on leveling in Norrath, Savanja has now taken the adventurer out into the intimidating world beyond the safe city gates. Take a look at the Tier 2 zones, and walk through the best spots to make that coveted experience!

Starting at level 10, I happen to favor Blackburrow for leveling and loot. It has a good combo of solo mobs (found on the top level) and heroic mobs (found lower inside). Down the mine shaft, you will find level 12/13 one up solo mobs that make for some challenging solo play, mixed in with some 13ish heroics of various difficulties. It's fairly easy to start at the top and slowly ease your way in without grabbing too much in the way of adds. I spent a good amount of time here with my alts, plowing through my early teen levels with ease.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016