Blade of the Fae Signature Quest Guide

Eitholi, Blade of the Fae, is a quick and relatively painless Signature Quest for you 20-somethings. It is a great way to get your low level toon's feet wet doing some serious questing, and the reward isn't too shabby either! This great quest line is made even easier with our step by step guide that walks you through each quest, giving specific locations and helpful advice.

Eellii Tenderbranch, a teeny little tree in Greater Faydark has a tale to tell if you are willing to listen. This lil guy can be found right next to Tunare's Sapling in Greater Faydark (loc -63, -4, -16), speak with him and he will tell you all about Eitholi, and what a brave and loved person she was amongst their people. Eellii wants you to go on a quest that he hopes will bring the beautiful Eitholi back to them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016