Nektulos Forest Zone Guide Part I

Are you level 20-30 and in need of someplace to take your Norrathian self to cause much death and destruction? Well then, you are in luck! With rumors of new content and so many recent changes happening, we have re-written the Nektulos Forest zone guide for your adventuring enjoyment. Take this guide and spend some time getting to know this old favorite of a zone, all over again.

Nektulos Forest has long since been a hunting grounds for lower level adventurers who dare to brave the dark and gloomy expanse of trees and hidden danger. The zone hasn't changed all that much since the early days of EverQuest I. It is still plague with the undead, angry dark elves, and mean little woodland creatures that are very willing to sneak up when you don't expect it and whoop your rear!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016