Keeping up with the Joneses

World of Warcraft has undoubtedly made it's mark in the MMORPG gaming market. What did Blizzard do that no one else has managed to accomplish to date? And how does this effect EverQuest II and the world of gaming in general? Savanja shares her thoughts, and tries to avoid the tired WoW vs EQ2 debate, likely unsuccessfully.

So what has made World of Warcraft the reigning king of the MMOs? I have a few theories on this. I was reminded of one tonight when I was watching CNBC's "Game On". This show was an excellent look at the popularity and life of gaming, and did touch upon massively multi-player games briefly. One man talked about casual gaming, and the need for players to be able to pick up a game for 15 minutes, here and there, and still feel like they are "gaming". These gamers are currently flooding the market and are very rapidly becoming the target audience for producers.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016