An Insider's Look at Quest Design

Quests are an integral part of every Massive Multiplayer Online game we know and love, but what type of work goes into making them? Ten Ton Hammer gets an insightful look from Developer Ellery "Saerkin" Jones about quest design in EverQuest 2. Get an inside look at how developers work and content in the new Darklight Woods zone was put together.

Ten Ton Hammer: Design sounds pretty straight forward, but what other groups do you have to work with to design quests?

Saerkin: I worked with just about everyone to get my quests into Darklight Wood. Art helped tweak the zone where I requested it, created spell effects and particle effects to dress things up, and made a few variants to existing models (not to mention the Arasai, of course). Engineering helped me with tweaks to our tools to make creating quests a little bit easier, and of course provided all the "invisible" support that a patch of this magnitude entails.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016