Can you feel the love in the air? Yes, that's right it is February and time to share hearts, poems, and chocolates with your favorite Norrathian sweetheart. SOE has announced the Erollisi Day event, set to run February 10th through the 17th, and is showing off a preview of the event highlights including screenshots!

Now that the frosty days of Frostfell are well behind us, a young Norrathian turns to thoughts of love. Who better to steer and nurture those thoughts than the goddess of love herself? Thus, it is with great pleasure that we bring you this year's Erollisi Day celebrations!

Many quests from previous years will be returning, including: Dalron's Pick-Up Lines (with a few updated prospects), Love Loot (candies and love notes that can be used for crafting and currency with merchants), Titles for being the most romantic!

There are rugs, tapestries, and shrubberies, Oh My! There is also a new mission from the Swornlove Twins. It seems there is a mystery a-brewin' with the Sisterhood of Erollisi! Make sure to investigate and see what the followers of Erollisi Marr are getting into this year.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016