Auto-follow Woes

If you've ever grouped with a Ranger, you'll know they never know where they're going. Kiara takes it to all new extremes and proves why there really needs to be a warning on auto-follow in EQ2.

Ah yes, another day in the life of, well... me.

So. I get lost. Like a lot. Like all the time. We're talking paper sack, GPS, compass, map, flashlight, and sherpa kind of lost. Now, I could chalk this up to being directionally challeneged. Or say it's SOE's fault for making the game all maze like and junk. But who are we kidding? My downfall? Auto-follow.

Have you had experiences like Kiara? Keep reading and then follow us over to the forums at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer to let us know what your thoughts are. Better yet, tell us some of your auto-follow horror stories...

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016