Why do they Serve Lambchop with Mint Jelly?

Good freaking question. To find your answer, you're going to have ask Kiara because I don't have a sock puppet fetish. Kiara examines the quests that never seem to end, and why they annoy her so.

I've run across a few quests here and there that I singularly dislike. One of which, is the Hooluk hat quest thingie. That chain is the most evil creation ever, and I'm convinced that a dev was tiffing with the spouse the day the chain was conceived.

However, even the dreaded chain pales in comparision to the Claymore quest. I've dubbed this "The quest that never ends" and have in fact sung the song a number of times. Needless to say, the guild is thrilled with me over this. It isn't enough that I sing it in Ventrilo, but I must also type out the entire song in guild chat. Not just once, but pretty much until I'm threatened with expulsion from the guild... Which reminds me, I need to macro that.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016