An In Depth Look At Age of Conan

The Game Musketeers has posted an interview with Erling Ellingsen about Age of Conan...

With an original system of single-player game merging into a MMO environment. How will the single-player experience enhance the MMO game?

The way we see it, MMOs can be very intimidating at first. They lack many of the gameplay mechanics that draw the player in from the start of most games, such as story that really takes you by the hand and gets you going. Stories that can shake your world and it feel like you are really something other than just another peasant out to kill rabbits. We wanted to incorporate that into the MMO genre, and thus we created what we refer to as Age of Conan's single-player part. Actually, though, it is not truly single-player all the time.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016