EVE Chronicles: The Dark End of Space discusses the fifth element.

From EVE Online's Chronicles, comes another chapter in the series showcasing the leaders of the major factions. In this installment, we find out how the leaders of the four races view the fifth faction in the game, namely the players or capsuleers. This week's edition starts within Amaar's Imperial Navy:

"Kezti Sundara, Grand Admiral of Amarr's Imperial Navy, stood alone inside the massive cathedral, dwarfed by the icons of eternity that glinted distantly in the lamplight. He remained utterly still, head leaned towards the vaulted ceiling. Quiet times were hard to come by in the Empire these days.

It is evident that the new Empyrean Age and the recently introduced factional warfare are blending into all aspects of the conflict. The four races vie for supremacy, and each player can be the hero, or the traitor, or the goat. Which will you be?

"Of course we do, Captain. They'll turn the tide of the war. Every capsuleer worth their pod should be taking a stand right now, and helping the forces of right against the tyranny and violence that envelops us."

For the rest of the story, go to EVE Online Chronicles.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016