EON Magazine Issue Number 12 hits the news stands.

From the developers of EVE Online, CCP has published EON Magazine issue number 12. In the 84 page issue, EON tackles the much needed update to mining, guides to writing EVE-themed fiction and an idiot-friendly guide to lag. Also, be sure to catch up on the Council of Stellar Management:

With the freshly-interred members of the Council of Stellar Management having returned from their first meeting with CCP, as well as reporting on what transpired, we ask whether what went on was just a bit of a chat or the beginning of a revolution for virtual worlds."

The magazine has interviews with GM Wyrm and prepH, as well as community profiles of Intrepid Crossing, Goonswarm and Ev0ke. Also included is a (841 x 594mm) poster of the universe including New Eden. They use the metric system, so I have no idea if that is a big poster or not (actually it is pretty large at 33 x 24 inches). So if you've ordered your copy of EON Magazine, watch your mailboxes.

For more information, check EON Magazine out for more details.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016