Game databases are the word of the day.

EVE Online is large. So large it has taken CCP five years to create a wiki. Yes, CCP is launching it's beta of the EVE wiki aka EVElopedia. Being the wise community builders that they are, CCP wants and needs the EVE players to help out:

Over the next several months you will see more and more official EVE information fed into the EVElopedia. It will be 'the place to be' to get help and information but, as we all know, love is a two-way street. We have kicked off the wiki with over 6,000 pages, provided you with a sexytime EVE site and assigned a whole team of champions who will make sure no one does something silly like put BEWBS as a replacement for punctuation. Your part is to help us grow this into the most comprehensive information portal in the history of EVE Online.

Other games have player information online and as a matter of fact the beta for My LotRO has just launched, but this is much different. The EVE wiki is starting with an enormous amount of content and will be growing every day. As CCP says, it is "EVEtastic" and you can find it at EVElopedia.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016