What's wrong with the Rangers?

A few weeks ago at EverQuest 2 - TenTonHammer, our humor writer Coyote had a little fun at the expense of the Rangers. While we don't apologize for it (mostly because it was freaking hillarious), it did occur to us that not everyone might understand what changed with the rangers and why they were so upset. So, after Coyote stirred up the hornet's nest, I threw Savanja in there like Sam Fisher to stealithily gather intelligence. She came back with a great interview.

Savanja: First, I'd like to know what made you decide to play a Ranger, and what your favorite aspects of the class were/are?

Kaeros: I could write whole pages on that question alone. :) I've played a lot of RPGs and similar fantasy games, and if there's an option to be a ranger, I'm a ranger. Always have been, since back when I first played D&D as a young kid. So creating a ranger as my first EQ2 character was a no-brainer, and I did so when I first tried the game out over a year ago. I didn't know how the ranger concept would manifest in this particular game, but I knew I had to start with my favorite class and see how SOE interpreted it. I've always liked the association with nature and the outdoors, the solitary nature of rangers, and the kind of mystique that surrounds those who prefer to live outside settlements and normal society.

Read the rest of Savanja's interview with a few of the Rangers at EQ2 - TenTonHammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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