The world of Norrath has been home to so many over the years it's mind boggling to consider a sequel so popular it's on a fifth expansion. The Shadow Odyssey brings a number of exciting features to EverQuest 2 which include mission based instance dungeons, more Achievements, a new overland zone, and much more. Will it be enough to hang on to the veterans and even bring back former players? We dive right in and provide a verdict just inside.

I can hear the question forming on your lips now: “Is there really just one new zone in the entire expansion?” Not quite my friend as there are an entire new series of instances to take into consideration. Included are seven different locations that will take you everywhere from the Commonlands to the Loping Plains. At each of these locations are two or three different instance selections that provide a variety of options for your grouping pleasure. If that wasn't enough, the instances will progress in difficulty and believe me when I tell you that these can become challenging.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016