Sony Online Entertainment recently posted another preview of their upcoming expansion to EverQuest 2 with Sentinel's Fate. The latest preview takes a look at the new overland zones of The City of Paineel, Kerra Isle, Toxxulia Forest, and Hua Mein Village. EverQuest veterans will remember most of this from the original game, so its return will be a welcome addition to the game for many. Some old faces will be returning as well such as that dragon we all know and love, Toxxulia. Carlos "Gninja" Mora also answers a few questions about the new zones and what they bring to the game.

The Eye of Dartain observatory has a contraption being used to spy on Stonebrunt Highlands that cycles through many of the Stonebrunt Highland areas. It cycles through different images while moving lenses and reconfiguring the magical contraption to change the image being displayed. If you do nothing else, check that out and watch it cycle through the different images. The images and the contraption animations are amazing!

Click here to read the full preview and get new screenshots and wallpaper.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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