EverQuest 2 recently got a re-review by gaming news site, Gamespy. How fair were they this time? Was it filled with the stench of WoWness like last time? RadarX takes a look at their review and does NOT poke at Coyote a single time.

Let me begin, by saying that historically, I've been a huge fan of Gamespy. It was where I went to get my gaming news, laugh at Fargo (who is still funny), and get a general feel for everything gaming. I won't blame IGN's purchase of Gamespy for why I started reading them less, but I did lose quite a bit of respect for them after their EQ2 vs WoW article. Ultimately, it's up to the opinion of the people reviewing the game, but a task of that nature should've utilized more staff. Anyway, here we are down the road and last week Gamespy's Miguel Lopez decided to revisit EQ2 and review it again.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016