Live content to be the focus in 2008 for EQLive.

The "year-in-recap" and "what's next" announcements by MMORPG producers are always some of the best (or worst) moments for the online gamer. When we hear the news, we immediately begin daydreaming about what could be next for our epic world. Everquest's producer has issued his January 2008 letter, which discusses the upcoming expansion and an increased level of monthly live content. Here's a bit:

One of the goals that the EQ Dev team has is to refocus on the Live content that we give to the players. Many of you work on chewing through the expansion content and then you are left either wanting more or diving into AA advancement while you wait for the next major release. We are focusing on providing Live content on a monthly basis that you will be able to enjoy throughout the year. We hope to see everyone take part in these events and we are open to trying new and exciting things, so your feedback is welcome.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016