If there’s anything that players want to know about before a
launches, it’s the classes that they have the ability to
play. As href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/1841"

draws ever closer to its initial open beta, the Ten Ton Hammer staff
has initiated a series of exclusive interviews with Lead Data Designer
Hue Henry centered on the playable classes in the upcoming fantasy MMO.
Two weeks ago, we target="_blank">published our first exclusive class interview
with the developers of Alganon,
which focused on the Soldier class. This week we follow it up with a
look at the pet-loving, archery proficient Ranger. The class certainly
looks like something current WoW Hunters may be into, so make sure you
take a look. Enjoy!

Ton Hammer: A Ranger's presence on the battlefield definitely appears
to be an interesting ability. Will these be buffs that a Ranger can
cast on their targets? Or is it something that they turn one - more
like an aura or a bardic song?

Henry: A Presence will be a raid-wide buff - for example,
Predator's Presence will increase the attack power of the entire raid.
However, Rangers will also have an arsenal of debuffs to use against
their enemies (and thus boost the strength of anyone combating that
enemy), as well as a few buffs that directly effect their companions.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016