Last year, Ten Ton Hammer's Danny "Ralsu" Gourley stumbled onto a
little gem of a free-to-play game named style="font-style: italic;">Neo Steam and
quickly placed the stylized F2P title into his href="" target="_blank">Top
Ten F2P Games list. Since that time, however, the original
publishers of the game have given up their rights and it's now been
announced that well-known publisher Atlus will be picking up the title
for its new online gaming portal. Ten Ton Hammer was able to get an
exclusive interview with Atlus' Kevin Crawford, the portal project
manager, to chat about Atlus' new MMO projects, including style="font-style: italic;">Neo Steam. Check
out the full press release after the Q&A!

Ten Ton Hammer: Will
Atlus' MMO offer gameplay that is similar to what we see in many of its
retail products? Might we see another turn-based, tactical combat MMO
like Atlantica or maybe something even more "outside the box?"

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The phoenix
mount will be one of many things players will be able to experience in
Neo Steam.

Kevin Crawford
Our goal is to bring Atlus quality to everything we publish, whether
that is for the console side or online.  We are always
scanning the market for new titles with varying gameplay styles,
including tactical combat MMO’s.

Ten Ton Hammer: Atlus has
plenty of really cool properties that they've developed and/or worked
on in the past. Why did (or didn't) you choose to go with one of the
IPs that you've developed in the past?

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Our main focus right now is to bring quality, third-party titles to the
portal.  However, that doesn’t mean we’ve
ruled out Atlus IPs.

Ten Ton Hammer: What's
the best way for Ten Ton Hammer and Atlus fans to get into the beta
test and when do you think that will begin?

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You can pre-register for the Atlus Online interactive entertainment
portal right now at   target="_blank"> 
The beta test for Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent will be up and
running a little later this year, after we put the final polish on it.


Atlus Online, a daily
destination for community-focused gaming and interactive entertainment,
today announced Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent as the first game to
kickoff its portal. Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent is the only
massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) of its kind,
set in the uniquely creative genre of “steampunk,”
where 19th century steam-based technology meets fantasy

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Neo Steam
features a "steampunk" setting.

“With an
engaging, steampunk-inspired storyline and aesthetic, Neo Steam: The
Shattered Continent is a fresh take on the standard
‘fantasy’ MMO game genre,” said Shinichi
Suzuki, president and CEO, Atlus. “Atlus Online is excited to
bring this popular game in its new incarnation to a wide range of
players around the world. Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent is a great
first entertainment experience to lay the foundation of the
unparalleled content and unmatched social interaction planned for the
Atlus Online portal.”

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Developed by JoyImpact
and licensed by HanbitSoft,  Neo Steam: The Shattered
Continent will be given the same style and caliber of localization that
Atlus has been known for over the years.  This fresh version
of the game will be published by Atlus Online for players in North
America, South America, and anywhere else in the world, except
Europe.  In addition to the thorough localization, Atlus
Online’s Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent will feature an
engaging story influenced by the distinctive steampunk genre.

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Players in
Neo Steam are fighting over a precious resource known as Neo Steam.

Neo Steam: The Shattered
Continent transports players to a world where two nations battle over a
precious resource called Neo Steam. From the onset, customization is
key to each player’s experience, where they can choose which
nation to join and select from a number of specialized classes. As
players battle to expand their nation’s resources and protect
their borders from invasion, they must learn to harness the Neo Steam
technology to upgrade their equipment, learn new abilities, and
progress in their chosen class. Each player in Neo Steam: The Shattered
Continent also begins with the aid of a pet of their choosing. Pets act
as guides as players travel the world, and they even assist in battle
with various abilities, such as healing or thievery. A pet’s
ability list and appearance can be customized to suit the
player’s preferences. Adding to the immersive aspect of the
steampunk fantasy world, the game also features various forms of
steam-based machines and vehicles for faster in-game traveling.

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More information about
Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent’s beta and launch dates
will be released by Atlus Online in the near future.  Gamers
and Atlus fans eager to join the Atlus Online community and be among
the first to receive more information on the game can visit the only
official website for Atlus Online’s Neo Steam: The Shattered

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016