Over the last few months, MMOs that focus on player versus player
combat have really risen to the forefront of gamers’
imaginations. It
seems like everyone in the world these days is interested in going
one-on-one with their friend and blowing them to minuscule bits. One of
those PvP-based titles on the horizon is href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/806"
, a sci-fi MMO
that features everything from big guns to cyber-enhanced psionics. Ten
Ton Hammer recently sat down with the Earthrise team,
and we discussed everything from the current state of the game to the
closure of target="_blank">Tabula Rasa. Enjoy!

Ton Hammer: What was your reaction to the eventual closure of Tabula
Rasa? What lesson has Masthead Studios taken from that story?

Atanas: We learned a lot from Tabula Rasa’s
launch and
lifespan. With Earthrise, we started with PvP as our assumption of how
people would compete in a futuristic setting for anything
property, influence and control. The storyline came secondary,
supporting that competitive gritty look of the future with a growing
conflict between two powerful factions. Earthrise is a sandbox
environment that has technology and market supply provided by players
for the players, allowing for much more dynamic and exciting economy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016