Nemesis Confrontation update has come to Champions Online players
and the battle is on! As heroes race to close a rift from the Shining
Dark in their attempt to stop the devastatingly dangerous supervillain,
Shadow Destroyer, questions abound. Join us as we track down Executive
Producer, Bill Roper, to get them answered. style="font-weight: bold;">

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Ten Ton Hammer: Your current nemesis is the one that players will face
in Nemesis Confrontation. Are there any plans to allow the possibility
of an earlier nemesis from your nemesis gallery to make an appearance
as well?
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Bill Roper

: The current
storylines work so that once you defeat a Nemesis, they’re
considered to be locked away in Stronghold prison. We’d want
to create a fiction around them breaking out – or you going
in – to fight them. It’s definitely something
we’re considering.

Ton Hammer: Are there plans to expand the Shining Dark dimension in the
future, becoming a playable zone in and of itself?

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The Shining Dark is a great part of the Champions lore and is certainly
worthy of further exploration. Multifaria is a compelling alternate
reality and offers us a lot of interesting possibilities. We have a
little something different in mind for our next big content push, but
we certainly won’t forget about the darker side of earth.

Ton Hammer: With the gladiator theme running through NC, is there a
chance that we’ll see some PvP action from Nemesis

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style="font-weight: bold;">Bill: We
hadn’t planned that specifically,
but the PvP team is always playing with new ideas and arena concepts,
so we may just have to do something with that!

Ton Hammer: Players have talked about not seeing their
particular nemesis during
Nemesis Confrontation, or the name or costume appearing differently to
them while appearing normal to other players. Are these things we can
expect to see addressed in future patches?

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Bill style="font-weight: bold;"> style="font-weight: bold;">:
If that is indeed happening, it’s a bug and we’ll
fix it.

Ton Hammer: The new costume pieces in Nemesis Confrontation are now
drops or perk rewards as opposed to buying them in the C-Store. Was
this the result of player feedback from the Blood Moon event, or can we
expect to see more future content updates utilizing costumes or costume
parts as in-game rewards?

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As with the Blood Moon
update, there are both costume pieces that can be earned in game and
new sets that can be purchased in the C-Store. We didn’t
change the model at all because the response was so positive. The new
twist to the C-Store updates we added this time is offering a way for
players who don’t have the hours to put into gaining
extremely high-level perk rewards to get them as part of purchasable
costume packs. This idea has met with a greatly favorable reaction from
the players.

Ton Hammer: There have been a lot of player concerns due to only 4 of
the nemeses having chests in the lair which usually leaves one player
in a full team out in the cold. Most players let the hero loot their
particular nemesis’ chest. Will there be any chance of adding
a fifth chest for the last nemesis?

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style="font-weight: bold;">Bill:

Ton Hammer: While it’s great seeing work being done on new
content such as Nemesis Confrontation, does that work take away from
fixing well-known bugs, such as the Crisis on Monster Island bug?

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We have more than one designer on the team, so no - working on new
content doesn’t take away from addressing known issues. The
biggest challenge we’ve faced there, honestly, has been the
flu bug making its way through the team and a rash of people making it
onto juries!  At least they’re getting the chance to
be heroes in their own right by meeting their civic duty.

Ton Hammer: On the forums, players have stated that their nemesis,
making an appearance in the Nemesis Confrontation, is more like a
henchman than an arch-villain. Will this change (making them more of a
sub-boss) in the future or stay the same?

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: I think this is the
perception because there is a villain that brought all the Nemeses
together. The Nemeses you fight are set up as sub-bosses in that you
have to defeat them in order to unlock the final stage of the lair.
That being said, we’ll keep looking for ways to increase the
importance and excitement of fighting against your custom-created

Ton Hammer: Will forced grouping be implemented in Nemesis
Confrontation at some point in the future? Players have been pretty
vocal so far about other players in the lair who aren’t
grouped with them ninjaing the various chests.

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To address the ninja loot issue, this is an issue that
doesn’t have anything to do with being in a group or not.
There is currently no restriction on who gets the loot (whether they
are teamed or not) so forcing players on a team will not keep any
players from opening the chests. Solo players are not stealing dropped
rewards as they are not easily able to do more damage to a target than
the teamed players in the instance, so the ninja loot issue is limited
to chests.

That being said, we’re working on a fix right now to address
this problem.

Ton Hammer: Nemesis Confrontation is an UNITY mission, meaning that you
have to be level 40 to do it. Are there any plans to make a lower-level
version of NC or of adding new lower-level lairs in general?

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We’re going to keep Confrontation a UNITY mission, but we are
looking to add more Lairs through the levels of the game. There are
already several of them, such as Dr. Destroyers Lab and Stronghold, but
this is an area of game play we’d like to expand upon. style="font-weight: bold;">

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016