Generating excitement for an upcoming game is often like href=""
target="_blank">trying to herd cats. Players might
find a game vaguely enticing, but getting those players to join a
community and spread interest for a game almost requires a large bit of
luck. Whether it was luck or a fancy bit of marketing that did it, the
developers at NetDevil have somehow achieved a large amount of interest
for their upcoming space shooter MMOG, href=""
, and are now sporting over 150,000
beta applications for their title. Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye
sat down with Jumpgate
's head man Hermann Peterscheck to get an update
on the progress of the game and what to expect from this upcoming MMOG!

"Our experience from watching people play the game
tells us that people
like and respond well to large scale battles, fighting massive enemies,
PvP, and then the exploration side of the game," Peterscheck said. "On
the subject of exploration, if companies don't have enough
diversification in their environments, players burn out even if the
mechanics are great. World of Warcraft is very good at making players
feel like they're entering a whole new area when they move from zone to
zone. We've tried to emulate that and give players completely different
areas when they jump from area to area, and it's cool to see players
enjoying that experience and saying 'Wow, this is cool! Wow, this is

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016