As the developers at NetDevil continue to push Jumpgate
closer to a full fledged closed beta, the public
scrutiny of the game will continue to increase. Like the media
attacking a href=""
target="_blank">presidential candidate and their family,
MMO gamers are serious about their games and won't settle for less than
the best from developers. In our final part of this two part interview ( href="" target="_blank">Part
One can be read by clicking here),
the Ten Ton Hammer staff discusses MMO gamer's response to the game and
how they're creating the game for both MMO aficionados and space
shooter advocates. Keep on reading to see what Hermann Peterscheck has
to say!

spent a lot of time deliberately trying to address that very
issue," Hermann said. "There are a lot of people that have played the
game that have a traditional MMO background, but maybe they've played a
space shooter sort of game in the past. Or maybe they haven't, but they
like the idea of a challenge. In any case, most of the MMO gamers have
responded with the fact that the game isn't as hard to master as they
thought it would be."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016