Yarrr! Prepare to walk the plank, you scurvy land-lovers! If yer in
league to join the ranks of pirates, then Ten Ton Hammer has the
exclusive interview for you! In celebration of "Talk Like a Pirate
Day", Ten Ton Hammer sent our very own Editor-in-Chief Jeff Woleslagle
to talk with target="_blank">Pirates of the Burning Sea's
CEO Rusty Williams. If you haven't been setting sail in the adventurous
seas in PotBS, you'd better check this interview out; it's got all the
information you'll need to know the future of this pirate-based MMOG!

Ton Hammer: I'm guessing that your ideas regarding player-run ports
changed since before launch, when the system was originally conceived.

It has, honestly. We basically had the experience
of watching the game unfold live, plus we've also tuned the game in
many different directions apart from what we originally anticipated. So
we had to go back and redesign the player-run ports based on what we've
actually built. I mean, the spec was written quite some time ago - it
was just one of the things we couldn't fit in for launch. And
post-launch, we had higher priorities.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016