The free-to-play marketplace has really emerged out of its cocoon in
the last year. For those of you that have been reading Ten Ton
target="_blank">F2P Top Ten List,
this becomes readily apparent as the majority of the games on that list
were released in late 2007, 2008, or are slated for the early part of
2009. One of the most prominent of these games (and holding the #1 spot
on our Top Ten list) is href=""
target="_blank">Runes of Magic
. We
recently had an opportunity to submit a number of questions to the RoM
developers, and we graciously jumped at the chance.

The goal of this interview was to get Frogster’s reaction to
some of the open beta feedback for Runes of Magic.
Ten Ton Hammer’s Danny “Ralsu” Gourley
bounced around the game’s
official forums and snatched up any topics or questions that he thought
would be interesting to present to the developers. We’ve
taken the time
to link every thread that Danny pulled questions from, and
director of product management, Daniel Ulrich, has graciously taken
time to answer each of the community’s questions.

Ton Hammer: letsgo1818 notes that a lot of players are having a hard
time managing inventory with the large number of different items they
collect. Players get gear drops, runes for craft, runes for enhancing
gear, quest items, daily quest items, and harvesting items. We know it
will be possible to rent extra inventory from the item mall at a very
fair rate, but some players have asked for a specific bag for quest
items. How likely is that to happen, and why or why not?

Daniel Ullrich:
That is a pretty nice idea. We’ve
thought about more possible ways to arrange the inventory. We really
believe that there should be enough space in your bag, bank and chest
to store a lot of equipment. So we will definitely bring in more
options to arrange equipment but please remember that you have access
to a bag with 30 slots, a bank box with 40 slots and you receive a
chest with 20 slots. You can access your bank box in every big town and
you can enter your house at the appropriate NPC. From my personal
experience, it’s not easy to have everything arranged in one
bag, but
it’s possible to organize your items with some planning.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016