After a few months of live play, the developers behind the MMORTS SAGA
have asked the staff at Ten Ton Hammer to help them unveil their latest
racial addition to the game: the Undead. In this exclusive article, the
SAGA developers give detailed descriptions of each of their Undead
units, including a variety of stats. If you're interested in MMORTSes
at all, make sure you check the article out!

style="font-style: italic;">A sixth race/faction has been
introduced to the persistent MMO RTS game
SAGA. Meet The Undead. Opponents accustomed to ranged troops that fall
as soon as they are engaged in melee will be unpleasantly surprised
when facing the Undead. Skilled in magic like their Dark Elf comrades,
the Undead have enhanced the armor and attacks of their ranged troops
with wicked enchantments and more than one surprise for the enemy bold
enough to take the field against them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016