The announcement for href=""
Wars: The Old Republic
has now href="" target="_blank">been
stewing for nearly a week. Since that time, fans that are
anticipating the upcoming game have been scrutinizing every screenshot
and piece of concept artwork available to them. Perhaps the most
attention has been spent on the graphics, where players have commented
on everything, but href=""
target="_blank">most notably the size of the lightsabers.

Thankfully, the Ten Ton Hammer staff is on your side, and we asked
BioWare's Art Director, Jeff Dobson, about the oversized lightsabers
while we were at the BioWare media day in San Francisco among other
things. Interested in Dobson's answer? Check out our interview!

the game be able to
scale up if you have a really kick ass computer?

Ideally, I want to scale up frame rate. If you have the biggest,
baddest machine, you should be able to run at some pretty high frames
per second. To me, however, it's much more important that I can play my
MMO on my bad ass desktop machine and my old clunky machine and my
laptop. I think that's really important, because gamers should be able
to play on any of their computers.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016