Hope for Sci Fi

Although there have been a handful of science fiction based MMOGs
released in the past few years, science fiction aficionados have
typically been the odd man out when it comes to games based in
alternate universes. The fantasy genre has kept a firm grasp on the
vast majority of the market, but the future isn't without hope. The
Trion World Network, along with the SCI FI Channel, are putting
together a sci-fi game that may truly satisfy the hardcore science
fiction fans around the world.

Continuing on our coverage of the recently announced Trion/SCI FI MMOG,
Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye asked several questions to the
game's senior producer, Robert Hill, who was incredibly excited about
the opportunity to work with the SCI FI Channel and has confidence that
his team will put together an amazing online experience.

style="font-style: italic;"> style="font-weight: bold;">Ten Ton Hammer: The
integration of the various forms of media – TV, movies, and games – has
been a process that has taken years to get right. How will Trion make
the true integration of the various forms of media a reality?
style="font-style: italic;">

style="font-weight: bold;">Robert: We are
approaching this much differently than the traditional IP license model
that has dominated the industry for years and feel that our new
approach will yield much better results. We have a true partnership
where great ideas from the TV show will make it into the game and great
ideas from the game will make it into the TV show.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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