Constructing a formidable user interface for a massively multiplayer
game is a lot like putting paint on canvas. You dab a little here,
touch up there, create a solid foundation, and a couple happy trees,
then start back over again after you've realized that your masterpiece
looks like a big pile of poo. That may be a bit of an over
exaggeration, but the Ten Ton Hammer staff does believe that UI design
is one of the most under prioritized pieces of the entire MMOG
experience, and to make sure it gets the attention we know it deserves,
we sat down with 38 Studios' recently hired Senior UI Designer Irena
Pereira to chat with us about her goals for the future of UI design and
how she's going to use her experiences to create an amazing experience
in 38's upcoming MMO project, href=""

have been many competing games since the release of WoW and, as
I said before, they replicated a lot of its UI (some of them down to
the same color scheme for buttons and the like)," she continued. "While
this, in and of itself, isn’t a bad thing, these games have
failed in
terms of interface because they didn’t go to the same level
of polish
of WoW, nor have they understood the reasons behind some of the choices
Blizzard made. Blizzard makes a concerted effort to design from the
perspective of the player."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016