Justin Webb, Senior Designer for WAR

Here’s some more bits from the Paul chat. As promised:
Underpants, Girl Signatures, and Nurgle Minis.


PB: So,
another day, another dollar. What were you amazed about on my way out?
Where am I going?

We’re going … Are you the interviewer now?

PB: Well, no
, but …

It’s T-minus one? Does tomorrow count? No, Sunday morning. So
it’s T-minus 2 and Paul is leaving the country.
He’s running away!

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Justin Webb,
WAR Blogger on the Prowl

PB: [laughs]
I’m going on an aeroplane to go and do European press because
Europe’s been a bit “bouncy” and
they’ve gone “DEPLOY BARNETT! SEND HIM! He must
talk to people. Deploy the Barnett in Europe! Send him over
there.” Erm, we’re off to Gamesday, held in
Birmingham, …, England. Which is sort of the Cathedral of
Joy for the Warhammer faithful, who basically collect toy soldiers. But
we’re also going to be there with a big booth, and showing
the game, and, er, Headstart actually happens while I’m in
Birmingham, talking to some European Press. And hopefully, calming any
players who had some hiccups getting into the beta signup. Actually, I
don’t think they’re called hiccups are they,
they’re called “Appalling amounts of frustration
that we’re very sorry about.” Yeah, so
I’m doing that. I’ve packed my bag, and what did
you notice about my bag?

It’s about eight atoms large.

[chuckles] And that’s because they make me travel so often in
so many aeroplanes that I won’t check any luggage and I hate
carrying things. How badly do I hate carrying things?

JW: Well I
normally end up carrying all of your things … everywhere.
…  So it’s like software size gets
measured in Peggles, and how much stuff you can fit into a bag, for me
at least, is measured in Pants, because mine are quite big.

PB: Pants?
Now clarify. Is that the British pants or the American pants?

JW: British

PB: What are
British pants for the American readers?

… Underpants. What else do they call them? Strides, briefs,
panties. I can’t say that word.

PB: Well you
can’t. It’s not manly. Besides it makes you smell,
like you’ve been living up your mum’s bra.

JW: Yeah,
now I need to wash my hands, just because I said the word panties.

PB: Well,
yes. But you never wash your hands.


We went to Chili’s for lunch today and I got to do some
coloring. I think I went outside the lines a little bit. I wonder if
they’ll hang it up?

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Chili says WAAGH!!

Girl Signatures

PB: So,
I’m getting on the aeroplane, we’re flying out over
there and then I’m getting a train. It will actually take
longer to go from London to Birmingham by train than it’s
going to take to go from Washington to London by aeroplane.

JW: Really?

PB: Yeah,
cos the transports terrible. So, I’ll be seeing the faithful,
and chanting. And I brought some sunglasses and T-shirts. And then, I
get back on a plane, fly back on Tuesday, which is Special Edition

JW: Then
Thursday launch.

PB: Right.
I’ve actually just finished signing a load of posters, where
I’ve decided this time around, I’m … I
do three different signatures, depending on my mood, or speed. One is
just the name; one is the name with a little squiggle of WAR; and one
has a little Ork head. I usually do the Ork head every five just to
give me something different to do, but this time I committed to the Ork
head on every poster. And that turned out to be a very stupid idea,
because we had about a thousand of them, and my hand nearly fell off.

JW: Was that
a result of our talk yesterday about collectable card games? Are you
making one out of every five posters rare?

PB: I did
write “this is the last one” on the last one I
signed, so that’s quite rare. And I did put a little heart on
one, because Carrie suddenly turned up and started signing, and like
any girl, she’s got a girl signature.

JW: Flowers?

PB: Yeah and
Curly letters.

JW: Does she
do a little heart over the “i” in Carrie?

PB: Yeah,
she does all that. And you can tell it’s a girl so I put a
little heart on my little Ork to make it feel a little better.

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You can
check out all the WAR posters by href="" target="_blank">clicking
this link.

New Posters

A bunch of new posters began appearing around the office today. It
looks like they are of the major characters from the latest cinematic
trailer. target="_blank">Check ‘em out!

Nurgle Minis

PB: Oooh!
We’ve got the staff trophy figurines figures out. Which are
these quite awesome Great Unclean Ones, great big fat Nurgle demons,
and they’re bronze, silver, and gold, and they’re
on wooden plaques. I’m actually getting them from Games
Workshop at Gamesday on Sunday. It’s going to be awesome.

JW: Who
get’s those?

PB: Every
single member of the team at launch will get the bronze one. And then
there’s a very small selection of silver ones that are going
to people for bizarre things they did on the project. For instance,
“Greatest Commitment to Growing their Hair”.

JW: Rudy?
Surely he gets it for his beard.

PB: No, no,
hair, hair. On head. Not beard. There’s a different one for
beards. It’s for hairs on the head. It’s Randy. He
hasn’t cut his hair for two years on the project.
That’s dedication that is. Erm and then things like
“Biggest Curmudgeon”

It’s not me is it?

It’s not you. You lost! Someone else has got that one.

JW: Was I in
the running at least?

We’ve also got “Code Whisperer” [laughs]
for the one who most wrangled the servers to behave. Stuff like that!
So we’re giving out some silver ones and then we’re
giving out some gold ones, very few gold ones, which are for
outstanding commitments to either stupidity or making you laugh, or you
gotta be kidding, or just genuine you can’t argue. I would
tell you who they are but it’s a secret. So we’ll
be doing those as well.

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