The days to the official launch of WAR are getting ever closer, and the
most recent blog from target="_blank">Warhammer Online's senior designer
Justin Webb relays the tension and excitement the developers feel from
the night before the CE headstart. Once again, Justin tantalizes us
with his dollar social experiment and entertains with his wonder
conversations with the QA team. href="" target="_blank">If
you haven't read these blogs, make sure you check 'em out!

As launch approaches, tempers begin to fray. As a
social experiment, I
want to see whether small insignificant requests can push someone who
is stressed over the edge. This small regular column is something I
like to call “Can I borrow a dollar please”. Today,
I try to” borrow a dollar please” from Jon
Farinelli [Insider Note: Jon is a really important QA guy. You should
note that his nickname is “grumpy”]. It’s
Saturday at about 2PM and Jon is up on the eighth floor looking for
some coders to chastise. Let’s see what happens.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016